Awesome in Hours

A majority are living just okay lives. We only live once, but if it's an awesome one, once is enough.

There is awesomeness inside everyone, but rarely do people bring it out and share it with the world. Why? Maybe they don't believe they can be awesome, or they simply don't know how to bring it out.

I had to write this book. I created an acronym with the word awesome and present 5 take-away points after each letter so you can start being an awesome individual immediately.

Books can be boring, especially if they're too long and go on and on and never seem to get to the point. That's why this book is short and sweet. In under 2 hours you will be provided with 7 qualities of the awesome individual...

Become the Ace: 13 Ways to Developing Peace, Passion, and Purpose

Do you ever think about what you're truly capable of? You are capable of becoming an Ace in life.

The Ace is a symbol of excellence. It can win all battles in life just like in the card game war.

It is the highest valued card in poker and black jack. In baseball, if a team needs a win, they send their ace to the mound.

You can make a difference in this world. You can offer something no one else can. You need to believe it or no one else will. Here's the problem...

One-Month Willpower: A Simple System For Life-Changing Transformation

Ever feel that you’re never good enough, no matter what you do? Do you feel you’re always “one thing” away from being happy? Do negative influences from other people stop you from living the life you always dreamed of? Have you tried to change, but never succeeded?

I’ve been asking myself questions like these my entire life, but not any more. In such a short time my life improved so much that I felt guilty keeping my keys to success to myself.

In my last year of pharmacy school I discovered a simple system for life-changing transformation through the methods, strategies, and actionable advice given throughout this book. After a decade of misery, I transformed into the person I always dreamed I could be from July 31st to August 31st, 2014. That’s only ONE MONTH! I could have changed a long time ago, but didn’t know how. Now that I discovered exactly what needs to be done, I have to share it so you don’t waste anymore time.

If I can do all these things in a month, then I know that you can too...

One-Week Willpower: A Simple Foundation to Become More Successful, Likable, and Achieve Your Dreams

In the past I had no confidence, was overweight, shy, selfish, worried about everything, and felt life wasn't fair.

Struggle with any of these?

I made dramatic changes in my life after I developed the SIMPLE foundation I share in this book. I now feel incredible, and it only took a week to get this foundation. That's right. Only ONE week!

It was the day after getting the SIMPLE foundation where I started looking forward to tomorrow where I knew that each day was going to be even better than the next...

The Gym of Life: 32 Ways to Max Out Professionally, Personally, and Spiritually

You already know the dedication it takes to see results in one area of your life. Now it’s time to apply your “strength training” across the board.

When someone asks you what day of the week it is do you say which body part you’re working that day (Chest day, Leg day, Upper body, or Lower body)?

I know I’m not the only one. Many people don’t understand our enthusiasm for working out.

It’s more than the gym…it’s our life...

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