Author & Speaker Michael Unks - Transforming Lives

Michael Unks is a pharmacist, public speaker, entrepreneur, habitual bow-tie wearer and a best selling author on Amazon

A majority of his life he has struggled with his weight, social anxiety and the feeling of never being good enough. However, he’s made radical changes and wants to share what he learns with others so they can improve their lives, too.

Michael hoped his first book, One-Month Willpower: A Simple System For Life-Changing Transformation showed others how they can live incredible, fulfilling lives and reach their potential. He also wanted to give back to his country; All proceeds went towards the Wounded Warrior Project.




tahowell2 - AmazonMichael is a young and upcoming author in the personal growth field that really understands how to relate with people. His SIMPLE foundation is easy to digest and ready to change your life IF you’re willing. Read this book with an open mind and realize what he’s speaking is truth. You want to change your life? Lay the SIMPLE foundation and your future self will thank you..

tahowell2 - Amazon
Claudia S. - AmazonWe’ve all been taught, inadvertently, to become people pleasers, to wait for others to praise our accomplishments, and to fix our problems before we can be happy. The author presents a new perspective and the reality is that if we practice this new perspective, we’ll be a lot happier, doing a lot more of the things we love. I loved the author’s personal stories, the humor, and I could relate to so many of the circumstances he described in this book! I highly recommend it as a wonderful reminder of who we really are, of staying positive and enthusiastic, and of being authentic!

Claudia S. - Amazon
Frank G. Polizzi - AmazonMichael provides such useful information for a person to turn their life in a positive direction. It is written clearly and easy to understand. The points brought out in this great book allows the reader to reflect and ponder the strengths and weaknesses that they have. After the shortcomings are realized the book takes over and provides the solutions needed. This book is a great asset for one to live a more positive and productive life. I highly recommend this motivational book!.

Frank G. Polizzi - Amazon